Here is the Aroostook County Snowmobile Trail Report from December 31, 2015 for the start of 2016. The lakes are definitely not safe to be on so please stay off.

The Official Snowmobile Trail Report: 12-31-15

Finally we are starting to get what we all have been wanting which is WHITE GOLD it would certainly be nice if we would have gotten cold weather beforehand but as we all know county folks we will get through anything.

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Most projects have been out since the snow and a lot of them are reporting wet areas and unfrozen ground.  Not all of the trails are marked so definitely proceed with caution.

There have been a lot of people asking why some clubs are not out and when you answer them and say well they don’t want to stick a $200,000 piece of equipment into a swamp that can potentially ruin a track or worse.  Their response is we understand.  So what I am trying to say is please be patient with everyone, we need cold weather.

The lakes are definitely not safe to be on so please stay off.

Trail Info:

ITS 85  There is logging operations throughout this section of trail, Ashland’s section will be rerouted to the old way, they will not be out until next week.  Portage has been to their turn around with Eagle Lake, they have indicated a logging operation on this stretch please watch for signs.  There is numerous water holes on this section please use caution.

ITS 83  This section of trail has had some grooming done to it Houlton, Mars Hill,  Presque Isle, Washburn, Caribou, Red Arrow, and Madawaska have all been on their sections.  There is a void around the Arnold Brook Area in Presque Isle.  From the North Side of Presque Isle to Caribou it is in great shape.  Caribou has not been on their section off of the Fowler Road, trail 83B to 83A is in great shape so that is the way to go.  From Caribou all the way North the trail is in good shape.

ITS 81  This trail is very fragmented throughout, so please proceed with caution.

ITS 92  From Fort Kent to St. Francis to Chamberlain Store is in good shape, Allagash has been out with just the machine.  Trail 92A will be done this weekend to Carter Brook there will be a reroute.   92B also known as the Lincoln trail will not be open this year.

ITS 90  Fort Fairfield has been done to the turn around with Caribou, they have a small reroute watch for signs.  Caribou will attempt to get to Dodo’s Market today.  Portage has come through all the way to trail 105.  So the best way to get to Portage from Fort Fairfield is to go through ITS 83 to Stockholm and get on 105S or go to Washburn via Caribou and get on 105N.  Caribou has several water holes on their section of 90.


ITS 88  Presque Isles end has a lot of water on the CP line, Aroostook River and Ashland have not been on their sections.  Fort Fairfield has been out but still needs some cold weather and snow.

ITS 105  From Mapleton all the way to Van Buren has been done and is in good shape.  South of Mapleton has not been groomed.

ITS 120  I do not believe that this trail has had a groomer on it as I write this.

Rt. 89  Caribou has gone as far as the Emond Road to a new business location. They have not gone to the river as Madawaska Stream is not frozen.  What has been groomed is marked

Rt. 100  Nothing much has been done

Easton has been out trying to get through water holes, please be patient

Chapman Ridge Runners are planning on getting out to scope out what needs to get done.

On the Social Side:

Michael Smith/Getty Images
Michael Smith/Getty Images

St. Francis Sno Angels Saturday Meals at the clubhouse 11-7

Presque Isle Friday night Stew will start next week Friday the 8th.

Washburn Trail runner’s clubhouse opens this Saturday for the season.  Hours are Saturday 7-2/ Sunday 7-12.

From the desk of: Gary Marquis, Caribou Parks & Recreation Department, 55 Bennett Dr. Caribou, Me. 04736, 207-493-4224

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