Just one week after Louis C.K. expressed his disdain for SNL’s flashy new promos, the originals are back! Jimmy Fallon and Harry Styles take us into SNL’s first live coast-to-coast shows, snapping it up in multiple promos for Saturday’s latest.

Fallon makes his latest SNL return in the new promos, also affording musical guest Styles the rare early spotlight. In addition to Saturday’s final April show going live on either coast for the first time, the Fallon-hosted hour will also see Dunkirk star Styles undertaking his solo debut after the March 2016 hiatus of One Direction.

The episode also marks Fallon’s third time hosting, following six years on the cast, and a subsequent ascension to The Tonight Show. After this weekend, SNL will return on May 6 with Chris Pine, followed in subsequent weeks with Melissa McCarthy and The Rock; all with the same coast-to-coast live airing.

Check out some of Fallon’s SNL past below, and stay tuned for more this weekend.

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