Now that the official Grammy nominations have been announced, critics and fans are coming out to support their favorite Bad Gal, who, although received eight nominations overall, was snubbed for Album of the Year consideration. But Rihanna wants fans, friends and family to know like Kendrick Lamar, it's gonna be alright.

In defense of Rihanna's Album of the Year overlook, Riri's Navy dedicated a "heartfelt" post in defense of the Bajan singer while calling out the reasons her eighth studio album (Anti) was omitted from the running for the biggest award of the year: Beyoncé. (Go ahead and cue the Beyhive.)

Ultimately, the post caused some much foreseen tension between the two of pop's biggest fan clans. To help ease what was sure to develop into a social media fan feud, Rihanna tapped her IG account calm both sides by asking people to stop pitting Black women against each other. "I never actually read your caption, thought the pic was funny and moved right along! Til I seen it pop up over and over! I'm petty af, yes. But this is just unnecessary! I wish ya'll would drop this topic and see things from a bigger picture! We don't need to be putting black women against each other! We deserve to be celebrated and the Grammy Academy agrees!

That's right Rihanna! Stand up, and help fans everywhere keep the peace.


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