Just as Ames did nearly two decades ago, K-Mart is in the process of closing most (all?) of their remaining stores.  The Waterville K-Mart closed a while ago, and our stores in Auburn and Augusta closed just before Christmas.

We'll always have the "K" memories, though, right?  I think we ALL have memories of K-Mart.  Those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s will probably have (somewhat) clear memories of K-Mart around the holidays.  The in-store soundtrack, the TV commercials, cheap eats at the store's snackbar (K Cafe, right?), and the look of desperation on Christmas Eve shoppers.

These will probably bring back some of your favorite "K" memories...


I had completely forgotten about the store "soundtrack" until I stumbled on this Youtube video.  Around the Holidays, the store's public address system played a mixture of Christmas music and commercials reminding you to stop by this department or that department.  r

My favorite part of that are the references to what we considered trendy clothing companies.  LA Gear, Ocean Pacific, Disney apparel.


Check out these classic K-Mart commercials from back in the day

It's wild to see the things highlighted in these commercials that we don't even use anymore: corded phones, Polaroid cameras, VHS cassettes, non-flatscreen TVs.


Here's what one Illinois K-mart store looked like back in the early 90s

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