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Miley Cyrus just signed a major deal with NBC and that means we don't know what to expect from her - which is a good thing. She always does something to surprise and puts out her awesome music.

Miley signs deal with NBC

Arian Grande gets married

If you can believe it, Ariana Grande got married. Did you even know she was that serious with her new man? It was kind of under wraps. Well, the news is out now and we’ve  got the latest on her marriage.

MTV Winners List

Did you get to watch the MTV Movie and TV Awards? It was packed with the major Hollywood players and the key music icons. They were all there and we have the coverage with photos and the winners list.

Billie is fed up with Facebook & Twitter

Billie Eilish is not digging social media and says she doesn’t want to post again. She goes into why she feels that way and what she might do in the future with her social pages.

Paris & Britney BFFs

Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have been known to hang out. The two of them together usually means some excitement wherever they go. It’s nice to get an update on their friendship.

Halsey Falls in Love

Halsey almost had a biopic, but it did not happen - yet anyway - because of love. It’s a big story because fans want to see the movie - but we’ll just have to wait.

LOOK: The most famous actress born the same year as you

Many of the actresses in this story not only made a name for themselves through their collection of iconic performances, but also through the selfless, philanthropic nature with which many of them approached their stardom. In an age of flipping the script on societal norms, many of these actresses are using their voices and platforms to be advocates for those who are otherwise unheard.