It appears that we will be losing a restaurant that is a favorite among people from Aroostook County and all over the state of Maine. Whether it is the middle of summer or at the frigid peak of winter, many people have made sure to travel to the Long Lake Sporting Club for a brew and a meal. The restaurant that sits right on Long Lake announced on their Facebook page they will be closing in October. 

The Peterson and Martin Families made the announcement public on Sunday afternoon and were very clear that they do not know what the future holds for Long Lake Sporting Club. You still have time to dine at the club because last day of operations for the restaurant will be on October 17. Over the years, the restaurant has become a popular stop for boaters along the lake as well as snow sled enthusiast who visit during the winter months.

For many people who live in Aroostook County if you were heading to the Valley, you would find a way to work a meal at Long Lake Sporting Club into your schedule. Before the pandemic, when you went to the Sporting Club you would have your drinks and appetizers in one room, and then you would be seated at a different table for your main course. This style of dining is not common in this area and it was always a nice switch from the typical dine in experience. My family and I have been to Sporting Club many times over the year, and we were there just a few weeks ago. The food is still great and the service is exemplary. Take some time over the next 4-5 weeks and stop by the Long Lake Sporting Club for a meal and to wish the family well in their next phase of life.

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