Every week at PopCrush, we’re putting the spotlight on one up-and-coming act you need to know about. Why? So you can get on board early before everyone else and their mother jumps on the bandwagon…and so you can be that one friend in the group who’s always like, “Um, actually, I prefer their earlier work.”

Meet ANNALIA, a singer-songwriter with no time for drama.

"People can be cruel when they feel intimidated by one another," she explains of her debut single, "Jealous."

Produced by Jon Santana (CAPPA) and mastered by Randy Merrill (Lady Gaga, Adele), the confident first step from the promising crooner balances a clap-back attitude with a lush electronic vibe. "You keep on talking / I'll pour the rosé / Nobody's calling, but you're still saying what you want to say," she sasses above the midtempo synth pulsations — it's basically a New York GIF in song form.

"This song is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt cut down. It’s about learning to tune out the crazy," ANNALIA tells PopCrush of the dust-your-shoulders-off dream-pop anthem.

Having already written songs with the likes of Andy Seltzer (Verité, Maggie Roggers) and Emily Vaughn (Chelsea Lankes), ANNALIA seems to prepping a debut worth talking about. Pay attention, pop lovers — and you too, jealous haters.

To quote Paris Hilton: Jealousy...it's such an evil thing. Listen below.

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