Two major South Korean pop groups released new music videos today (February 20)—but which act hit it out of the park?

Sexy superstar boy band BTS came out swinging with the ferocious video for their rap banger, "Not Today," featuring the guys dancing their way through an abandoned parking garage/warehouse.

Meanwhile, the adorably upbeat girls of TWICE opened the door to a world of slumber party fun (including pillow fights!) in the colorful clip for their electro-pop bop, "Knock Knock."

Whose video is the fiercest, though? Place your vote below!

Both K-pop acts also have brand new albums out: BTS released their reissue of WINGS: You Never Walk Alone on February 13, and TWICE dropped their new "special album," TWICEcoaster: LANE 2, today.

But which record are you most excited about?

Place both your votes by midnight on February 26.

BTS Through The Years:

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