BANGOR, Maine (AP) — A Maine man who shot his sister-in-law 10 times, even pausing to reload, has been convicted of murder.

Jurors on Monday rejected the defense contention that circumstances leading up to the shooting in Hampden warranted a conviction of manslaughter, not murder. Philip Clark will face 25 year to life in prison when he’s sentenced.

Clark told police he snapped because the victim pushed “every frigging button.” Renee Henneberry Clark had filed a criminal trespass order against Clark and a protection order against her estranged husband, Clark’s brother.

The shooting, in July 2018, happened after a confrontation over Clark’s tools being removed and taken to Henneberry Clark’s home.

The prosecutor said Clark went to Henneberry Clark’s apartment with two clips, using both of them, because he wanted her dead.

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