I was wwrrrrrrrr........wrong, but the most important thing is that the Patriots won right?

Jared Wickerham / Getty Images
Jared Wickerham / Getty Images

It felt almost as if the Jets lost the game as opposed to the Patriots won it. A win is a win I'll take it, but to let Geno Smith and Chris Ivory carve up the Pat's defense like they did last night is a little bit disheartening. Plus the way it ended Chris Jones blocking a field goal on the last play is not the way this one should've went down. Big ups to Chris Jones though because he was the one last year who was called for the penalty that gave the Jets a second chance at a game winning field goal which they made and won. It's always good to shove a big old foot in Rex Ryan's mouth with a little payback (pun intended).

Brady was stellar again putting in another error free performance with three touchdown passes and 261 through the air. Shane Vereen caught two of them. The running game did alright without Stevan Ridley, and I have a feeling that will be worked out by the time they host the Bears with all the time in between.

All in all in two weeks we won't remember the score, all we will think about is another Patriots win and another Jets loss.