There is a scary video on the internet that is encouraging children to kill themselves. The horrifying video has made its way to the popular YouTube Kids site.

It's called the 'Momo Challenge' which depicts a creepy looking, bug-eyed woman with and stumpy body and chicken feet and offers children advice on how to kill themselves.

Douglas Goldsmith, a licensed child psychologist, stated that there is nothing funny or cute about the image and the message it conveys to children in the video and that it's extremely harmful.

Some children who have had the video pop up while entertaining themselves on sites like YouTube Kids complained that they couldn't sleep and some had nightmares.

One of the messages conveyed in the video is "Momo is going to kill you." There is another part of the video where it says, "Put the knife to your neck and pull it."

Parents should closely monitor their children's activities on the internet if they're not already. Some parents won't allow their children to watch YouTube by themselves anymore as one remedy to protect their kids.

According to one source, the image was created by a Japanese man who says someone took the image and used it in these horrifying videos, of which he had nothing to do with.