An Ohio woman who became known as "The Cleaning Fairy" for breaking into homes to clean them is in trouble with the law again after she was caught shoveling a stranger's driveway.


Police in Elyria, Ohio responded to a report Tuesday of a "suspicious female" shoveling a driveway without permission.  Officers arrived at the home to find 53 year old Susan Warren with a shovel in her hand, according to WOIO-TV in Cleveland.

Two months ago, Warren was arrested  for breaking into a random house and cleaning it, leaving behind a handwritten bill on a napkin for $75. Warren told police she needed the money. She was charged at the time with felony burglary and sentenced to a year of probation.

Elyria Police Dept.

Police say they arrested Warren, not for shoveling a stranger's driveway, but for violating her probation.