Officials seized over 40 pounds of processed marijuana from an illegal operation in Passadumkeag.

Was Anyone Arrested?

The latest illegal marijuana cultivation operation to be shut down was located right on the Main Road in Passadumkeag. Members of the Penobscot County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant there on Thursday at approximately 7:00 in the morning.

Three males of Chinese descent were at the site and immediately detained. One of the three was arrested:

  • Xisen Guo, 67, of New York is charged with unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs.

He was taken to the Penobscot County Jail. The other two were released.

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What Was Seized From This Location?

A search of the premises resulted in the seizure of 40 pounds of processed marijuana, along with several bags of cultivated marijuana plants. Officials also seized a small amount of methamphetamine along with $4,700 in cash.

Penobscot County Sheriff's Office
Penobscot County Sheriff's Office

Was There Any Danger to Neighbors?

Investigators found a large pile of organic waste behind the residence. which previous investigative information showed was being buried near there, in proximity to a spring-fed pond. The Penobscot County Sheriff's Office says this is another way these operations are endangering others.

The manners in which these groups operate pose electrical, fire, and poison dangers to those operating, residing near, or using these products.

Penobscot County Sheriff's Office
Penobscot County Sheriff's Office

This ongoing investigation of illegal marijuana grow houses across the state involves members of Maine's law enforcement community, as well as representatives from Homeland Security, the FBI, and Maine Marijuana Compliance. Officials say this grow house is related to others that have been shut down across the state. They do not represent the many legal and compliant licensed businesses within the state.

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