The concession stand at the Johnson Athletic Complex for the Presque Isle Wildcats was recently vandalized and the community has been stepping up to help in the recovery. The concession stand is run by the Wildcat Athletic Boosters Club which supports various projects and teams for MSAD #1 in Presque Isle.  


If you are unfamiliar with the setup, the concession stand at the complex is at the north end of the bleachers by the soccer field and track. This area and complex are mostly fenced in so whoever committed the crime had some work to do before they even got to the snack shack. The vandals were able to push in the roll-up shutters and enter the structure. Candy, water, and soda were taken from the inventory inside of the stand forcing the boosters club to shut down the concessions for a few days until they can get the inventory restocked and the concession stand more secure.

The Presque Isle High School Athletics Facebook page says that there has been a tremendous amount of support from the community since the break in. They have received support from businesses, former athletes, as well as little league teams in the area. Again, this is why we love where we live. When the bad guys mess with our communities, especially our kids, we step up and do whatever it takes!

If you feel inclined to help, I encourage you to reach out to the Boosters Club or to Presque Isle Athletics. The Johnson Athletic Complex is a top-notch facility and is due to host the Maine State High School Soccer Championships later this fall. The complex does help draw teams, players, parents, and fans to Presque Isle from all parts of the state.  

To the vandals, if you are still out there and you are reading this, I hope that you are going to do the right thing and come forward. If you did this for fun, there are plenty of other harmless activities for you to get your rush. Let's all do and be better today!

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