As the academic year winds down and the weather heats up many people start to get football fever. Yes, even here in Aroostook County where there is a Varsity Football program at Houlton High School and a community-based tackle football team called the Aroostook Huskies.

There is a passion for football in Aroostook County but the economics and population of the area mean that there are some sports that we aren't exposed to on a competitive level. For one area athlete he didn't let that stop him from achieving an incredible goal.


Zaylan Johnston is a senior at Central Aroostook High School in Mars Hill. He is currently an infielder for the baseball team as they head towards the postseason later this week. In 2019 Johnston was a key member of the team that went to the State Championship Finals.  Zaylan has also been a member of the Varsity Basketball team at CAHS. When he wasn't playing for his hometown Panthers, Zaylan was on the gridiron as a star wide receiver for the Aroostook Huskies. Check out one of his highlight reels. Husson University's football program announced the incoming commitments for next season's team. Among the new recruits, is Zaylan Johnston of Mars Hill. Despite going to a high school with zero history of a football team and an enrollment of just over 100 students Johnston caught the eyes of the Husson Eagles coaching staff. Zaylan has been recruited to play his natural position at wide receiver. He told me that he is "happy to be going to Husson". The wideout went on to say "I'm happy about committing because I know I'll be part of a good team." 

Zaylan In Action

We have seen Zaylan move with athletic ease on the basketball court and make big plays on the baseball field at the biggest moments. The announcement of his commitment is a testament to his work ethic. When Zaylan isn't soaring in the classroom, on the field, or the court, he is working on his route running and soft hands working for the family business. Throughout the summer you can find Zaylan providing car side service at The Rusty Crab.

Zaylan's work ethic and passion just goes to show that no matter the obstacles you can find a way to reach your goals! To learn more about Aroostook Huskies Football you can go to the Aroostook Huskies website and the Aroostook Huskies Football Club Facebook Page

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Congratulations to Zaylan and his family! We wish you the best and will be hoping to see on the field in Bangor soon enough.  

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