The Star Wars saga might end with Episode IX, coming out in 2019, but Lucasfilm has already been hard at work expanding the universe and planning for more Star Wars and Star Wars-adjacent movies far, far into the future. We’ve already gotten Rogue One, which occurred, chronologically, somewhere between the prequels and the original trilogy, and focused on a group of small characters who turned the tide of the war whose names we might never had known. Then, we’ll get the Han Solo spinoff, something of a prequel in its own right, in summer 2018. But what’s next after that? Kathleen Kennedy says we’ll know in about a month.

As part of Vanity Fair’s giant Star Wars-themed coverage this month, Kennedy confirmed that Lucasfilm was already working on ideas for a third Star Wars Story, and that they’ll come to a decision very soon.

Yes. We haven’t identified it yet, but yes. We have a couple of things right now that we’re circling, and we’ll make a decision between the two pretty shortly. It’s probably for 2020, and we will make a decision by June.

If a decision is reached by that point, we’ll probably hear about it by this year’s D23 Expo in July, which, given that hype season for The Last Jedi has just been officially kicked off, would be the perfect time. So, where could they go with a new one? What backstories have yet to be told? Could it be about young Rey, and what she got up to before she met BB-8? Maybe they’d go back even further than that, maybe even pre-prequels. How cool would it be to have a movie about the Jedi in their heyday? Young Mace Windu, young(er) Obi-Wan, young… was Yoda ever young? Now that I think about it, this is a great idea. Hey, Lucasfilm, you guys can hit me up anytime.

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