A snowmobiler who went missing on Moosehead Lake in a wind storm is safe after spending the night in a nearby cabin.

Who Was Reported Missing?

The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife says 25-year-old Colby Davis of Fairfield and a friend were riding separate snowmobiles on Moosehead Lake in Tomhegan TWP when they became separated during a snow squall at approximately 5:00 Thursday evening. When Davis never returned to camp, his friend called 911 at around 6:30 to report him missing.

How Did He Survive the Night?

It was a tough search for Game Wardens who battled against blowing snow, winds over 25 mph, and temperatures hovering around 3 degrees. A search of the lake, shoreline, and nearby cabins found no trace of Davis. Further complicating their efforts was a needed response to an ATV and its operator who had fallen through the ice near the same area of Moosehead Lake. The ATV operator was rescued and taken to a local hospital.

Friday morning, a Warden aircraft was launched and more wardens were preparing to resume the search when they received a call from a camp owner at around 7:00. The camp owner told officials that Davis had spent the night with him at his camp. It appears that once Davis got his sled stuck on a pressure ridge on the lake he walked until he found an occupied camp, where the camp owner took him in for the night. There was no cell service at the camp, so the camp owner drove a snowmobile out to where there was reception this morning and called authorities to let them know where Davis was and that he was in good condition. The camp was over five miles from where Davis and his friend became separated.

Is It Dangerous On the Ice Right Now?

The Warden Service reminds everyone that ice conditions on many waterways in Maine remain extremely variable. Anyone ice fishing and snowmobiling on Maine waters should always check the ice before venturing out.

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