A 43-year-old Medway man did not have a good weekend when he was pulled over after being observed driving erratically northbound on I-95. Sgt. Patty McLaughlin of the East Millinocket Police located the man and conducted a traffic stop.

During the traffic stop, Sgt. McLaughlin observed that Peter Harding was under the influence and conducted a field sobriety test. With assistance from the Maine State Police, Peter Harding of Medway was placed under arrest for operating under the influence.

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Peter Harding

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Officers asked Harding to submit to a urine screening test. As the screening was about to begin the officers discovered illegal drugs in Peter Harding's underwear. Yes, his underwear. Reports do not say if they were boxer briefs or the classic tighty whities. Falling from the undergarments of Harding were individual packs of heroin and crack cocaine. He claims the drugs were not his because he was not the owner of the vehicle he was operating.

Examination time

The next step was transporting Harding to the Penobscot County Jail for booking. Upon arrival the jail requested a more thorough search of Peter. During the search there were more drugs discovered in Harding's buttocks. It will be hard for Harding to deny that the drugs discovered inside of him belonged to someone else. Between the traffic stop search and cavity search officials say he had 25.2 grams of heroin, 28.1 grams of crack, and 40 Xanax bars.  

The Charges

When the search was completed, Harding was charged with Operating Under the Influence of Drugs and Unlawful Trafficking in Schedule W Drugs. East Millinocket Police Department did say that additional drug charges are possible after the District Attorney's Office completes a review of the case. 

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I thank the EMPD and MSP for their continued great work and getting these drugs off the street. The East Millinocket Police Department is currently hiring so pass this along to anyone you know who might interested in joining the team.

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