Hey we've all been there just minding our own business trying to assemble the perfect plate of nachos at 4:00 AM. When I'm in creative nacho mode back off people!

Scott Olson / Getty Images

I feel this guys pain I really do. You need to count out exactly how many nachos, approximately 21-25 chips no more no less. You put the hot peppers on there as well, the ratio is usually 3-1. Three chips for every one hot pepper. Then you oh so delicately slide over to the hot dog aisle without being detected and sprinkle approximately a handful of onions. It is 7-11 so you are limited as far as other accoutrements (french for nacho thingys). Now it comes down to one last thing the nacho cheese pump. How much nacho cheese is enough? The answer is like how much money do you need, MORE!. How dare you judge me or this guy on the approximate level of cheese necessary to quench the munchies 7-11 worker. All sitting there in your apron judgeing me on how to make the perfect nacho plate.

In the end I have to rule for the defense in this one. I go back to 1878's General Mills vs. Kelloggs where as the judge ruled in favor of the defense to evenly distribute as many crunch berries as he wanted without interruption. Next Case!