Maine wildlife officials are asking residents to be aware of phony websites that lure customers into phishing scams with false promises of hunting licenses.  

The state Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife says residents should make sure they only attempt to buy sporting licenses and registrations from the website.

The department says other websites might direct residents to services that aren't required, provide false information or charge customers for unnecessary services. Some such websites also collect personal information in phishing schemes.

Maine IFW/Instagram

Who needs a hunting license?

  • Anyone must obtain a license to hunt wild birds or wild animals (except Maine resident landowners may hunt without a license on land they own and reside on provided the land exceeds 10 acres in size and is used exclusively for agricultural purposes).
  • Hunters under the age of 16 must possess a junior hunting license.
  • Hunters 16 years of age and over must possess an adult license to hunt. (Note: A junior license holder who turns 16 may hunt with that junior license for the remainder of the year, but must complete a hunter safety course prior to hunting without adult supervision.
  • Hunters 16 years of age and over wishing to hunt with bow and arrow during the special or expanded archery seasons must obtain and archery license and the appropriate expanded archery permits.

Wildlife commissioner Chandler Woodcock says handles about 350,000 transactions annually. Hunting licenses have increased every year for five years.