Maine State Police are advising drivers on I-95, south of Bangor today to use caution.

Where Were the Slide-Off Crashes?

Snow Monday morning is causing some headaches on the interstate this morning. State Police say they're dealing with at least twelve weather-related crashes on the interstate this morning. The crashes, which are mostly located between Exit 109 in Augusta and Exit 133 in Fairfield, are reported as minor. But officials want to alert drivers to use caution today on the highway.

What About the Truck Fire?

At Mile Marker 111 in Augusta, both the north-and-southbound lanes are down to one lane due to a tractor-trailer fire. Maine State Police were asking that drivers avoid the area, if possible until the scene is cleared.

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How Can I Keep Track of Road Conditions on the Interstate?

You can keep track of what conditions are like on I-95 and any incidents that are slowing or stopping traffic on the Department of Transportation's traffic map, 511 New England. 

Maine State Police advise drivers to slow down and stay safe on the roads.

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