Memorial Day is right around the corner and what better way to remember than seeing which states are best for those military veterans who reside in them.

Just to be clear, Memorial Day is not Veterans Day.

Many times people get the two confused. But without nitpicking on what is what, most veterans are thankful for those in their communities who recognize the service and sacrifice they've made for this great country.

Each state in the Union differs when it comes to the best and worst places for military retirees, but the Pine Tree States finds itself high in the rankings.

The state of Maine ranks #6 in the overall best places for veterans to retire, according to a survey conducted by our friends at

With 1 being the best and 25th being the worst, here is how the Pine Tree State ranks in relation to being a veteran-friendly state.

  • 3rd Veterans per Capita
  • 19th Number of VA Health Facilities per Number of Veterans
  • 13th % of Homeless Veterans
  • 1st Veteran Job Opportunities
  • 12th % of Veteran-Owned Businesses

The County is doing their part in helping veterans as well. Cary Medical Center, in Caribou, has a Veterans Affairs Office that helps veterans with their health needs.

Also in Caribou, the Dahlgren/ Skidgel Farm of Hope is active in helping veterans who live with and suffer from PTS, substance abuse, job, and housing placement to get the training they need to filter back into society in a productive manner.

Not to mention all of the businesses, organizations, politicians, and people who help to support our veterans in the state of Maine.

Of course, we'd like to be #1 in the country, but as we strive to continue to take care of our veterans and military retirees, we're sure to get there someday.




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