Doctors aren't cheap and we've used them all of our lives. Some states in America are good for docs and some aren't. Maine isn't doing so hot, where docs are concerned.

Our friends at took a look at 14 different metrics to include, but not limited to the quality of the public hospital systems, average annual wages of docs and hospitals per capita.

Each state was graded on opportunity and competition for a total of 70 points and overall medical environment for a total of 30 points.

They found that Iowa actually ranked as the best state for doctors to practice and reside in. They scored a 68.67 out of 100. However, the state of Maine didn't do so hot.

Out of 50 states and Washington D.C., Maine ranked as the 8th worst state in America for doctors to do business.

Maine ranked 36 in the medical environment category and ranked 42 in opportunity and competition.

Like Wyoming, Maine has some areas that are medically underserved, which may have hurt the score. However, it seems that Maine could do a better job in providing a better working environment for their doctors and nurses.

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