There are many different things that define happiness. They can range from life changing events to our experiences. Where does Maine fall in all of this?

Our friends at took some time to figure out which were the 'happiest' states in America and which ones weren't so happy, based on work environment, emotional & physical well-being, and community & environment.

Each of the 28 relevant measures was graded on a 100-point scale.

Here are the top 5 happiest and 5 saddest states in the nation and we'll look at where Maine falls into the mix.

The 5 Happiest States in America

  1. Minnesota - 70.81 Points
  2. Utah - 68.16 Points
  3. Hawaii - 67.90 Points
  4. California - 66.55 Points
  5. Nebraska - 65.65 Points

The 5 Unhappiest States in America

  1. West Virginia - 34.89 Points
  2. Oklahoma - 34.97 Points
  3. Louisiana - 35.35 Points
  4. Alabama - 36.60 Points
  5. Arkansas - 37.33 Points

Where Does Maine Rank In "Happiness?"

Overall, the Pine Tree States ranked 25. That puts us somewhere in the middle. However, we can still work on some things in order to help make our state the happiest place on earth (besides Disneyland, of course).

In the category Emotional & Physical Well-Being, Maine ranked 39. Work Environment, Maine ranked 11 and in Community & Environment, Maine ranked 6.

Maine's total score was 55.44.

Specifically, Maine ranked 49 for the highest share of adult depression, with Hawaii being ranked 1 for the state with the lowest share of adult depression.

However, Maine ranked 2, behind Vermont, as being the safest state in America.

What do you think about Maine? Do you agree with the findings above and how could we make our state a better place to live? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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