Education is a big deal and how well our children are educated means a lot to the families in our state. Thankfully, Maine finds itself in the Top-10 school systems in America.

Our friends at recently did their homework in finding out which states in the country had the best school systems.

Their findings were measured by many different matrix with 60 points being the absolute best. Points were based on high school graduation rate, SAT/ ACT scores, math and reading test scores, along with safety and quality.

Here is how the Pine Tree State ranked in these very complex areas of education.

As far as quality of our schools in Maine, we ranked 16 out of 51, as the report counted the schools in Washington D.C. as well. For safety, Maine ranked 4th, giving the state an overall rank of 10.

Maine ranked 4th in the nation for lowest pupil-teacher ratio and tied 5th with Delaware for having students with the highest ACT (American College Testing) score. This is a score that measures college readiness among high school students.

Maine ranked 10th in the country, behind Massachusetts, which ranked number-one and Louisiana ranked 51 over all.


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