During the first briefing of 2022 for the Aroostook County Action Program (ACAP), a local man shared his journey that took him from devastating lows, to now where he is giving back to the community.

Let's hear a quick story

Nate Voisine is now a part of the ACAP team at the Hope and Prosperity Center. He joined Jason Parent, Executive Director/CEO, to share his story from coming out of prison in early of February 2019 to present day, where he is thriving.

Coming full circle 

The services provided by ACAP at the time helped Nate get back on his feet and build a new future for himself. Services such as those provided by the Hope and Prosperity Center were highlighted throughout the briefing that summarized ACAP's amazing impact in 2021, and the lookout for 2022 and beyond. As you can tell, Nate's story looks like it will have a very happy ending. He has a young family that he is working hard for, and at the same time, setting a great example for. Most of us as kids watch what our parents do and how they are in the community, and Nate is setting the bar high for his family.

Now the rest of the story  

Nate is introduced around the 9:00 minute mark in the briefing, which you can find below. However, I encourage you to watch then entire briefing to catch up on all things happening with ACAP. The briefings are provided weekly and you can sign up to receive them through the website.

Thank you to Nate for sharing your story and I wish you nothing but the best moving forward. Keep up the great work!

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