If you lived in the County over 20 years ago, then no doubt you can still see the flood of cars and traffic that invaded the area as concertgoers stormed Limestone to experience the Phish concert.

Prior to the festival on Loring Air Force Base, Phish Phans made their way to Northern Maine in what would be a two-day music festival. August 2 and 3 of 2003.

If you missed it, two guys named Drew Dallet and Chuck Bonacci captured the concert, entitled "IT" for you in the video below.

Over 60,000 people attended and the band performed seven sets of music over the two day period.

Phish Phans camped on site in tents, cars, or wherever they could lay their heads down. If someone didn't know any better, it almost looked like Woodstock '69 all over again.

According to New Maine News, after concertgoers bailed the scene, there has been an odor lingering in Limestone, for seems like decades.

Only now has the smell gone and Limestone residents can breathe easier now.

Of course, that was to be expected.

According to the article, people at the Phish concert spent ours in the hot, August sun, dancing and twirling, juggling devil sticks, and "looking like they're being electrocuted in slow motion."

Glad to know that life in Limestone is finally back to normal breathing levels again.