If you’re lucky enough to live in a major movie market like New York or Los Angeles, you may have plans this weekend to see Taylor Sheridan’s Wind River, the latest entry in Sheridan’s oeuvre of neo-westerns like Sicario and Hell or High Water. Our own review of Wind River called the film impressive-looking - if not a little familiar - and a project that bodes well for the future of Sheridan as a filmmaker. And while Sheridan may be the master at the contemporary western, it appears the writer-director also has a more traditional take in mind, working on a project with Wind River star Jeremy Renner about America’s most infamous gunslinger.

According to an interview in Collider (via The Playlist), Sheridan is currently discussing the possibility of a Doc Holliday miniseries with Renner, with the latter serving as the film’s star. Here’s what Renner had to say:

“Yeah. And then Taylor and I are talking about doing a cable limited series of the origin story of Doc Holliday.”

We’ve known for a few months now that Renner was circling a Doc Holliday project. Back in May, The Hollywood Reporter announced that PalmStar Media had optioned two Holliday biographies to be developed into a feature film starring Renner, but it appears that the focus has shifted slightly in the intervening months. Now it looks like Renner’s Holliday project will move forward as a limited television series, with the star doing his best to convince Sheridan to come on board in some unstated capacity. It may be impossible to play Doc Holliday with more panache than Val Kilmer in 1993’s Tombstone, but there’s no denying that Holliday remains a magnetic personality and a character worth countless big (and small) screen adaptations. Sheridan and a gaunt Renner sounds like the perfect pairing for the next prestige western miniseries we’ll all be watching.

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