Usually, guys getting a ride in a cop car aren't funny!

Back about a month ago, on June 15, comedian Tom Segura, brought his "Come Together Tour" to the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, for a night of big laughs.

The good folks at the Bangor Police Department, who just happen to have a pretty good sense of humor themselves, shared a video to their legendary Facebook page that Segura had originally posted, and it is a decent laugh, especially at the very end.

In the clip, he gets a police escort after the concert, and he and the officer have a pretty good time tooling around Bangor, on the way to the airport. You know you have hit the big time when you get a lift from the police department.

Tom had the following to say about the experience

I can't express the total, overwhelming joy you feel during a police escort through traffic. I'm so happy I've been able to experience it and I look forward to any and all opportunities to do it again

Segura is not only a stand-up comedian, but also a writer, author, actor, and podcaster. He co-hosts the "Your Mom's House" podcast with his wife, fellow comedian Christina Pazsitzky. And he co-hosts the podcast "Two Bears One Cave" with friend and fellow comedian Bert Kreischer.

You may have also seen one of his 5 Netflix specials:

2014 Completely Normal
2016 Mostly Stories
2018 Disgraceful
2020 Ball Hog
2023 Sledgehammer

There was also a very amusing performance during "The Roast of Tom Brady" back in May of this year, which is also on Netflix.

He has also appeared in the Mark Wahlberg film "Instant Family"

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