When I was younger, I found a baby bird on the side of the road. It seemed to have something on its wing. I found out from my mom that it was a chickadee, Maine’s official state bird. Its wing was dirty and had something stuck to it, so my mom and I carefully cleaned it up and set it free. Since then, I’ve always been in love with birds.

Recently, I learned about a bird in Maine that can look like it’s dead, but isn’t. So of course, I had to share with you.

The bird is called a "swift", and no, I’m not talking about a Taylor Swift fan, I mean an actual bird!

Yes, there are swifts in Maine! One example is a chimney swift, and you've probably seen them. They are small, dark birds often seen flying high above in a rapid, zigzagging flight pattern, according to Maine Night Jar. They are known for their chatty calls (referred to as "chippy calls") and for nesting in chimneys and other tall, thin structures.

Now, if you see a chimney swift lying on the ground with its wings spread, chances are, they are not dead. If you want to help, you can! Simply grab them gently, "pick them up let them go up slightly from the height of your hands, they should catch and fly on their own."

If it were me, I would put gloves on before handling the bird, just to make sure you are safe from disease.

If you have any doubts, contact your local vet clinic or animal friends!

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