BTS is always there for ARMY, even when they're away in the literal army.

This time, it was thanks to BTS' Jin that a Brazilian girl was allegedly saved from a robbery, according to Koreaboo.

A Brazilian media outlet, Portal R7, reported via Instagram on July 19 that a 21-year-old girl was saved from a robbery because of the Jin photo card in her phone case, which depicted the "Moon" singer in his military uniform.

Natali Vitoria Ramos Reis was waiting for a bus at a stop in São José dos Pinhais in the Curitiba Metropolitan Region when a man approached her, allegedly to rob her.

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"When he managed to grab the cell phone from my hand, he turned the device around and looked at my little friend [in the photo]," Natali claimed, per Instagram translation.

She added, "He must have thought, 'Oh, her boyfriend is military, I won't steal.'"

She said the robber returned the phone and took off.

As reported by Koreaboo, the news of Jin's heroism has gone viral in Korea, where many ARMYs are amused by the incident.

"LOL, I’m going to put a picture of a soldier on my phone’s background when I go overseas," one fan apparently wrote on social media.

Another fan said, "That’s hilarious. It’s a total life hack," while someone else added, "I mean, it was so dangerous, but her method of escaping is so hilarious. Since she’s fine now, I guess we can laugh."

"BTS will always rescue ARMYs," an ARMY declared.

On Twitter, a fan said, "Kim Seokjin is really a Superman."

Another fan on Twitter reacted with a video of Vice President Kamala Harris laughing alongside two K-pop stars.

One fan noted that a similar incident allegedly occurred at another time when a fan used a Jungkook live stream to pretend as if she was on a video call with her boyfriend in order to escape danger.

"First an ARMY escaped a mugging incident [by] showing JK during his live (as if on a video call with her bf), and now an ARMY escaped a robbery bc the assailant thought the photo of military era Jin on her phone was her bf lol," they tweeted.

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