If you're taking a road trip through Maine, there's plenty of unusual things to see without actually ever leaving your car. You can see a huge model of the solar system, a giant L.L. Bean boot, the world's largest telephone or even an entire retaining wall of custom made birdhouses. All of those things are strange but not nearly as strange at the toilet graveyard that exists roadside in the small town of Phillips, Maine.

Shared on Facebook by Stefanie Rackliffe, if you've ever wondered where all the toilets go to die, this is the place. Ion fact, whomever decided to collect piles upon piles of broken down and used toilets has named their collection. They're calling it "Flushing Springs". And as you'll see in the photo below, they've also appointed an ambassador for this very special place and the name is NSFW.

If you're shaking your head at unbelievably ridiculous this all seems, how about this? It's not the only roadside attraction in Maine involving toilets. Shared on Facebook by Tracy Nickerson Scott, take a look at the "Unity Drive-In" in Unity, Maine. A place for a few people to gather, catch their favorite TV show (probably in black and white) and take care of any business necessary. This piece of toilet art has been located outside Unity Pond Pottery for years now and most passersby have gotten a good laugh at it.

So as you're planning out your road trips this summer, this probably won't be number 1 on your list but perhaps number 2?

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