If you've ever been married, then you probably had a cake made for you and your spouse at the reception following the ceremony. Now, 'Divorce Cakes' are a new trend.

According to the American Psychological Association website, sadly, 40 - 50 percent of marriages end in divorce in America.

I don't know if people are joking or are seriously celebrating the end of something that may have been magical at one time. What I do know is that 'Divorce Cakes' are becoming more popular.

I guess whatever works for you or suits you is fine with the rest of us. And we'll leave that right there. Some are funny, some are amusing and some are just flat out creepy.

Here are some of the 'Divorce Cakes' that people are actually having made once the papers have been signed by the judge. What do you think?

If you're into 'celebrating' your divorce, now you can do so with a cake.







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