Today is 'National Napping Day'.  It follows the day after 'Return of Daylight Savings Day'.  Naps are intended to be short and sweet with the goal to feel more awake and refreshed.  Here are a few tips to help you achieve the 'perfect nap'.

According to, here's what you should do:

1. Choose the length of your 'sleep time'

  • 6 minutes enhances memory function
  • 10-15 minutes improves focus and productivity
  • 20-30 minutes is great for peak performance and sharpens your motor skills
  • 40-60 minutes boosts brain power, stimulates creativity, and improves memory and learning ability.
  • 90-120 minutes boosts creativity and emotional memory

2. Do it between 1pm - 3pm

  • Humans experience intense sleepiness at this time, according to our circadian rhythm.

3. Create the 'right' conditions

  • adequate temperature
  • minimal light
  • minimal noise
  • Lay down.
  • Research proves the BEST napping is done in a hammock, due to the swaying motion.

4. Drink a cup of coffee just before your nap

  • It takes caffeine 20-30 minutes to kick in.  It will take effect just as your waking up from a short nap.

5. No post-nap blues: If you take a nap 40-60 minutes, you enter deep sleep but don't actual get a full sleep cycle.  This can lead to that 'cranky' feeling.  

  • Combine caffeine, light exposure & and a splash of cold water on your face OR
  • Sleep for 30 more minutes to complete the sleep cycle.

6. Do not substitute a good night's sleep

  • Self explanatory.  A nap will never replace what your body needs from a good night's sleep.

7. Eat and drink smart.

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