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We are all tired of hearing about the supply chain issues and the massive delays many are experiencing across the World. Now we have had enough! Supply chain issues are behind the lack of a Maine staple on shelves across the State. 

Where's my HFD Chocolate Milk? 

As someone who grew up in Aroostook County, I had no idea how revered Houlton Farms Dairy chocolate milk is all over Maine. I had the privilege of grabbing a carton of the HFD chocolate milk and a block of butter whenever I would go into a store. It wasn’t until my senior year at the University of Maine that I realized the Houlton Farms Dairy products are highly coveted by anyone who can get their hands on them.

Now this is a story all about how my weekend got flipped upside down

It was the dead of winter and the weekend was approaching. As I was finishing up the last class of the week before heading up I-95 from Orono, a friend asked me if I would bring back some HFD chocolate milk on Monday. The conversation went on to show me that my buddy was not alone in needing to get his hands on some Houlton Farms products.  

Houlton Farms Dairy Bar Presque Isle location January 2022 JC
Houlton Farms Dairy Bar Presque Isle location January 2022 JC

We are hopeful that HFD and the rest us will be surprised by a sped-up supply chain, but I'll do my best to be patient and wait for my turn to get some chocolate milk. There really is no other chocolate milk like it in the World. We now know that there is a special cocoa mixture that is part of the secret recipe! Thank you to the Houlton Farms Dairy team for updating us on the situation. You can follow updates on their Facebook page here.

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