The Bridgewater Fire Department was dispatched to a transformer fire on Bootfoot Road Wednesday afternoon after a tree knocked down a high voltage wire in front of a home.

When fire crews arrived, the fire was out, but a high voltage line was on the ground arcing within feet of the front door to the home, according to Public Information Officer Matthew Powers.The 10-man crew shut down the road, and helped the resident leave the house safely through a side window.

Firefighters maintained a safety perimeter around the scene for about 20 minutes until Emera Maine arrived. Utility crews quickly worked to turn off the power, then cleared the debris and re-established electrical service for their affected customers.

Bridgewater Fire Department
Bridgewater Fire Department

The Bridgewater Fire Department wants to remind everyone that downed power lines pose a very real, dangerous risk that is invisible. Only trained professionals with specialized skills and monitoring equipment are capable of working in this hazardous environment.

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