UPDATE (3/8): Even more GFriend to enjoy: watch the choreography-only version of "Fingertip" above.

GFriend is a fairly new 6-piece girl group out of South Korea. Well, maybe not "new" in K-pop years: they debuted in 2015, so they're basically ancient at this point.

And tonight (Mar. 6), the girls made their latest comeback in the form of "Fingertip," the lead single off of their fourth mini-album The Awakening (also out tonight) following last year's studio album debut, LOL. (Teens these days and their hip text-speak.)

"Fingertip" is a funky '80s synth 'n' bass-filled blast, bordering somewhere between a cheesy anime opening and a Super Nintendo interpretation of, like, Daft Punk or something. It's also a bit like the Wonder Girls' amazing throwback effort with Reboot. (Moment of silence for the Wonder Girls.)

But that out-of-this-world video concept? Unclear exactly what's happening, but it's all great. Adorable weapons? High-speed intergalactic car chases? Sure! That dance break at the 3-minute mark is BoA-level good. The dream-within-a-dream butterfly and bubble-filled motif is a visual feast. And that sudden frozen-in-time breakdown? A stroke of genius.

As the girls are part of a less well-known agency (Source Music), it's all the more impressive to see them debut with bigger sales numbers with each release. And based on the YouTube views already, it looks like these underdogs are ready to go head-to-head with some of the biggest girl groups in the industry. Go get 'em, GFriend!

Watch "Fingertip" below.

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