According to, an angry man slammed a cup of approximately 100 bed bugs onto a counter at the Augusta City Center where the city's municipal offices are located, scattering them onto a desk, the floor and a city worker. Police haven't released his name, but charges may be coming.

Allegedly the man had recently moved into an apartment in Augusta where he found bed bugs, according to, and when he told the landlord, the landlord said that he could no longer live there.

The man then allegedly went to the building to apply for general assistance, but was told that he didn't qualify and was denied. That's when the cup allegedly hit the counter!

The police were called right away and they quickly nabbed the angry man, according to The building was evacuated and a pest control company treated the entire structure because it wasn't known if the bed bug toting man had been in other areas, according to

A bed bug detecting dog, (yes, that's a real thing), will reportedly be brought in on Monday to give the Augusta City Center the all clear.

How do you know if you have bed bugs in your home? Here are some answers from the experts:

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