Good news is coming to residents and businesses in the Fort Fairfield area, where internet and broadband expansion is concerned.

On Friday, May 26, 2017, the ConnectME Authority awarded about $480,000 in infrastructure grants to Internet Service Providers in eight Maine communities to help bring broadband to hundreds of homes and businesses in rural parts of the state that have limited access to the Internet.

Among the projects awarded was $59,824 in grant funds for an expansion of the Maple Grove Project in Fort Fairfield.

This extension, which will be matched by an additional investment of $45,000, from Pioneer Broadband, will enable fiber-to-the-home service to the provided to twenty-four homes and businesses along a two and a half mile section of road from the intersection of the Maple Grove Road along Houlton Road into the neighboring community of Easton.

Construction continues for major high-speed Internet service projects in parts of Fort Fairfield and Presque Isle and other underserved areas within the county.


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