A 62-year-old Connecticut man, formally of Portage Lake, Maine, has been arrested on multiple thefts charges.

Chief Deputy Shawn D. Gillen of the Aroostook County Sheriff's Office confirmed the arrest of Eldon Jandreau on felony-level theft by deception charges that date back to 2012.

Allegedly, Jandreau, who was living in the Lake Portage area, and working as a Maine Guide and taxidermist, took deposits from potential moose hunters from out of state and promised them a guided moose hunt and moose permit within 3 years.

According to the police report, Jandreau failed to deliver on the arrangement and the potential hunters were not able to contact Jandreau.

It was reported that Jandreau then left the Portage Lake area and moved to another state prior to the complaints made by the alleged victims in the case.

On Friday, April 6 the Suffield, Connecticut Police Department arrested Jandreau  on four outstanding arrest warrants out of Aroostook County. and he was taken into custody without incident.

Deputy Corey Saucier had recently investigated a felony level theft case out of Portage Lake involving Jandreau and was able to track down where Jandreau was currently living in Connecticut.

Jandreau was able to post bail in Connecticut with a promise to appear before the court in Aroostook County within 72 hours.

The Sheriff’s Office received three complaints from an Atlanta, Georgia man in 2012, an Anne, Maryland man in 2015 and a Thomaston, Connecticut man on March 12, 2018 who all reported that they had made arrangements with Jandreau sometime between 2012 and 2015 and had paid Jandreau for a moose hunt that Jandreau is alleged to have failed to deliver on.

The total sum of the three complaints was in excess of $10,000.

Three other similar complaints were made to the Sheriff’s Office regarding the same conduct by Jandreau but were unable to be prosecuted due to the statute of limitations expiring.

Jandreau appeared in Presque Isle District Court on Monday, and was released on bail with an arrangement date scheduled for August.


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