Angus King was projected the winner of the Senate seat election from last night and he is headed to Washington, D.C. where he will represent the state of Maine. King ran as an independent, but Democrats believe they can count on his vote.

King was on the ballot with GOP candidate Charlie Summers and Democratic candidate Cynthia Dill. King will take over the seat for Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) who decided to retire unexpectedly.

Crystal Canney, King’s communication director said ‘Senator King is looking forward going to Washington and working with both parties to break the partisan gridlock.’

Though King has never comment on which party he will support once in Senate, political experts are speculating that King has been an Obama supporter and that he will continue to support the Democratic party.

Currently, Democrats hold 53-47 of the seats, but Republicans need only four more seats to get the majority.

King was the 72nd governor of Maine. He served the state between 1995 to 2003. In 2012 King announced his candidacy for Senate. Under his governorship King launched the first program in the nation aiming to provide laptops for every middle school student in Maine.

The Senator is head to Washington soon where he will have an orientation and meet with members of both parties. Canney concluded that King is very excited and was surrounded by friends, family and supporters when he found out that he was the newly elected senator.