The changes in how Billboard calculates their charts in the streaming era means has resulted in some longstanding milestones falling. Last year, rapper Drake broke a couple of records that the Beatles' set in 1964, and he celebrated by getting a tattoo that puts himself in front of them on the cover of Abbey Road.

As reported by Complex, Drake's ink was shared on Twitter by Word on Road, his official fan site, along with the words "I got more slaps than the Beatles," a line that he rapped while featured on Meek Mill's "Going Bad." As you can see below, there's a fifth figure walking with the Beatles, waving at the group. His tattoo had been spotted in a some Instagram posts over the past few days (also below), but Word on Road was the first place where there was confirmation that the fifth person is Drake.

Last July, seven songs from Drake's Scorpion cracked the Top 10 in its first week of release, besting the Beatles' legendary week of April 4, 1964, when they held the entirety of the Top Five. The next week, he placed 22 songs in the Hot 100, far surpassing the 14 the Beatles had on April 11. By October, Drake had notched his 12th appearance in the Top 10 in a single year when Bad Bunny's "MIA," which included a rap by Drake, debuted at No. 5 on the Hot 100.

However, as Quartzy has noted, comparisons between Drake and the Beatles based solely on chart positions are unfair. In the past, Billboard compiled its charts based on data provided to them from both retail sales and radio airplay. But with the rise of streaming, they've incorporated the number of streams, giving greater weight to paid subscription services, and allow any track -- not just those that are released commercially as singles -- to qualify for the Hot 100.


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