Demi Lovato revealed a stunning new neck tattoo.

The "Sorry Not Sorry" singer debuted the new ink in an Instagram post Wednesday (September 2). The new tattoo is a black and white butterfly in flight.

"Dear little me, I’m sorry that it took so long but baby your [sic] free..." she wrote alongside heart emojis. Some fans speculated that the caption could potentially be new song lyrics.

In a comment on the post, Lovato realized that she made a grammatical error. "You’re* but just to annoy the grammar police out there my caption is not changing 😂," she wrote.

See the photo, below.

In February, Lovato went under the needle for a piece on her back that was inspired by her "spiritual awakening." The tattoo is a black and white image of a fallen angel being carried by doves.

Tattoo artist Alessandro Capozzi created the back tattoo, which they titled "Divine Feminine Destruction Effect."  Lovato explained to Capozzi where she was at in her life and he created the ink based around her life story.

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