The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday reported another 715 coronavirus cases and two COVID-19 deaths. Penobscot County had the most new infections, with 200 in Friday's report. Aroostook County has 56 new cases.

There are now an estimated 339 active cases in Aroostook County, the most at any point of the pandemic.

Hospitals are dealing with sicker patients who have been stricken with the delta variant of COVID-19, and the majority of those who are hospitalized are not vaccinated.

Statewide, the vaccination rate has reached 73% of the eligible population, according to Maine's vaccination dashboard. Aroostook County's rate is lower, with not quite 67% of people over the age of 12 fully vaccinated. The Maine Center for Disease Control, however, reports a 20% rise in vaccinations in the past week across the state.

Currently, there are 194 people in the hospital with COVID-19 in Maine. Of those patients, 70 are being treated in intensive care units and 38 people are breathing with the help of ventilators.

New Brunswick Update

New Brunswick Public Health on Thursday reported 51 new coronavirus cases. The active case count in the province has climbed to 336, nearly three times what it was a month ago.

Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 21, New Brunswick's 12 and older population will have to show proof of vaccine before entering a restaurant. Some restaurant owners are worried about enforcement of the mandate.  Although not as costly as a shutdown, owners and operators may feel they will have to hire new staff to monitor patrons, check for certificates and ID. The proof of vaccine measures apply to many non-essential businesses, services and indoor events in New Brunswick.

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