After his years of service, this 100-year-old man is getting thanked in an unusual way.

Larry Steinfeld is a 100-year-old Waltham, Mass. resident who had a $100 scratch-off lottery ticket stolen earlier this month.

Police were summoned to investigate the matter and Officer Tom Bryant made it his mission to help the World War Two veteran. “I felt an affection toward him for what he has done for this country and who he really is,” said Bryant.

Bryant acted swiftly, quickly tracking down the thief -- who lives in Steinfeld's building -- and arresting him.

Steinfeld was in awe how the police treated him with such reverence. “They thanked me like I was a hero. I didn’t do anything," he said.

But Bryant didn't stop there. Bryant couldn't get the $100 back, so he did the next best thing by starting a collection among other officers to help return the lost loot to Steinfeld.

At last check, they had raised more than $400. While word has leaked, the sergeant of the Waltham Police Department says Bryant "was trying to keep it all hush-hush....he wasn't looking for notoriety or anything, just to do a good thing."

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