There are many issues that those in the County may not have in common. But there is one thing we all certainly have in common and that is trash.

Trash, sanitation, recyclables, and non-recyclables seems to be a pretty hot topic in Presque Isle these days and where to put them has caused some confusion.

Community Spotlight caught up Presque Isle's City Manager, Martin Puckett, to help us know what goes where when it comes to our trash and recyclables.

As of January 1 of this year, a lot of changes in regards to solid waste and recyclables has occurred and how they will be handled from now on.

Puckett explains,

"We have merged with Aroostook Waste Solutions, formerly Tri-Community Landfill, which is a collaberation of about 40 different communities that are working together on solid waste and recycling."

As in the past, residents can still put out corrugated cardboard at their curbside, along with their solid waste receptacle bins.

All other recyclables that you used to place at your curbside or in your dooryard, now need to be taken to 5 different recyclable igloos, located at three different locations in Presque Isle.


The recyclable igloos can be found at the following locations:

At these locations, you'll be able to drop off paper products, like cereal and pizza boxes and tissue boxes, #2 plastics, and cans.

Puckett reiterated that recyclable cardboard is the corrugated cardboard such as a shipping box that you might receive through the mail or a moving box you might have since your last move.

Any other type of paper board, like pizza boxes, cereal boxes, tissue boxes and the like are not recyclable cardboard and should be treated as solid waste. 

If you have any questions concerning what is solid waste and a true recyclable item, you may call your local sanitation vendor or the Presque Isle City Clerk's Office at 764-2509.

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