Workers at an air base in Sweden have discovered why the vending machine coffee has tasted so bad for the last two years. It turns out they have been drinking coffee made with murky water from a radiator.


According to the Swedish news site The Local, the startling truth was only discovered when the office’s heating system was shut down for maintenance.

Instead of being connected to the drinking water supply, the coffee machine had been mistakenly hooked up to a central heating unit which pumps up to 300 liters of water between the radiators. The radiators would refill automatically as the staff continued to drink the heating system water.

Capt. Catharina Bergsell, information officer for the F 17 squadron said, "As the coffee is black and the radiator water is a bit brown... we haven't noticed the difference." Several people had mentioned, however, that the coffee from the vending machine hadn't tasted that good.

Squadron members showed no apparent ill effects from their two-year intake of radiator water coffee.