Fear can be crippling or it can be altogether liberating. Luckily, singer-songwriter Christiana Berenguer rises from the ashes, so to speak, with her swirling new club jam, "Great Heights."

"If I could trap you in my arms, I would / If I could kidnap you right now, I would," she muses of not only doe-eyed love but finding her strength as a vulnerable but resilient woman.

Flaky synths and a distorted drum loop color the song's feverish summertime smolder, and by the end, you get the sense she has just conquered the world. "I take you out to Timbuktu / Just to be alone with you / 'Cause I want you around," she swears on the song, premiering on PopCrush.

“This song was a way for me to express myself as a sexy, confident woman instead of a fragile, heartbroken girl. I was able to truly come out of my shell after all of the rough patches the past few years," she shares.

"You got a million little ways to get me shaking / I just really want to show you what you're doing to me," she coos, leading into a rather addictive hook: "You take me up to such great heights / Don't let me fall back down 'cause every night / You knock my fear right off the ground / So rock my body to the moon / Baby, take me up such great heights..."

Berenguer is a currently a student at Berklee College of Music, where she is double majoring in Music Therapy and Voice Performance. While music clearly has part of her heart—and her talent beams on record—she has big plans to become a music therapist in a mental health facility... and she hopes her music reaches into the depths of darkness to shed light on the truth, too.

Listen below:

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