Caribou High School Promotes Quality Students

In an effort to promote students that exemplify high quality character both on school grounds, and in the community. The Caribou High School Student of the Month are selected from candidates submitted by CHS faculty and staff.

The proof of success is there

Typically, these awards recognize students' that excel in the classroom and extra-curricular's but Caribou adds a community aspect to their criteria. This component is what separates the candidates from the field and I like that a student's community interaction is factored. A well-rounded student and citizen are someone who becomes the next business leader, principal, doctor, or even U.S. Senator that comes from Caribou High.   

Congratulations Jadynn Blackstone-Eye

Jadynn Blackstone-Eye via Caribou High School
Jadynn Blackstone-Eye via Caribou High School

Caribou High School Junior Jadynn Blackstone-Eye has been selected as the January Student of the Month. Principal Dr. Eric T. McGough and Vice Principal Evan Graves made the announcement in a recent press release. Jadynn is the current class President for the Caribou High Class of 2023. Jadynn is a Caribou native and was also named to the first Trimester honor roll just last week, achieving Highest Honors in the classroom. Jaydnn is also very involved in the central Aroostook County community volunteering at several community events and taking on any duty necessary.

Setting the example

The award is sponsored by the Caribou chapter of the National Honor Society. Excelling in the areas of citizenship, academics, and personal development are all part of the honor that Jadynn has been bestowed. Displaying consistent habits of being prepared for class, as well as being a great role model are some of the considerations that go into the Student of the Month award. 

Congratulations, to Jadynn Blackstone-Eye the Caribou High Student of the Month for January 2022.

Caribou recognizes top academic performers

Eastern Aroostook RSU 39 announced the academic honors for Caribou High School's first trimester of the school year. Dr. Eric T. McGough, Principal at CHS, confirmed and released the list of students who made the Viking Honor Roll for the first trimester.

Grinding it out

It can't be pointed out enough, the students who are excelling during another year of disruption and the back-and-forth of in-person learning and remote learning, are amazing. Many of the students on the list are also involved in extra-curricular activities away from the classroom, making the accomplishment more impressive.

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The list of students

Caribou High School recognizes students for making Honors, High Honors, and Highest Honors. Congratulations to the following students on making the Viking Honor Roll!

Honors Freshmen:

Barker, Serena L.,

Beidelman, Luke C.,

Belyea, Isaiah D.,

Boucher, Trevor T.,

Brescia, Brayden A.,

Caron, Ainsley E.,

Cherrier, Isabella M.,

Churchill, Emmaleine J.,

Cormier, Hailey M.,

Crandall, Gwendolyn J.,

Duplessie, Logan A.,

Ellsworth, Matthew C.,

Frakes, Bradien J.,

Gilliam, Taylor H.,

Hale, Gage M.,

Haney, Abbigail L.,

Harrison, Kaydence R.,

Henderson, Ean M.,

Hill, Michael T.,

Hotchkiss, Brody V.,

Johnson Roy, Allie.,

Kuklak, Caleb B.,

Lausier, Jordan E.

Levesque, Brianna R.,

Lopez, Emilliana R.,

Margeson, Tait H.,

Martin, Ellie R.,

Mayne, Haley C.,

McDougal, Jacob J.,

Moutinho, Landen V.,

Olmstead, Marcus I.,

Patterson, Jacob N.,

Pitre, Joshua B.,

Poitras, Kaleb A.,

Prashaw, Vivinene L.,

Rossignol, Andrew D.,

Russell, Ian J.,

Sargent, Kaymen J.,

Sleeper, Edison J.L.,

St Peter, Josey C.,

St Pierre, Dawson P.,

Violette, Jacob J.,

Walker, Nevaeh L.

Sophomore Honors

Babin, Chantelle R.,

Belanger, Alexander S.,

Bell, Edward E.,

Berentes, Danny L.,

Bouchard, Dylan R.,

Bourgoine, Aedan J.,

Bragg, Matthew J.,

Comeau, Morgan R.,

Day, Charis A.,

Fournier, Jayden C.,

Gallagher, Emily D.,

Garner, Jason S.,

Guerrette, Brennan C.,

Hersey, Calvin D.,

Holmes, Jeremiah A.,

King, Alexis M.,

LaBreck, Kyle J.,

Lagasse, Mackenzie R.,

Lovewell, Logan T.,

Masse, Keanen R.,

Plourde, Laura H.,

Reidy, Karson S.,

Saed, Alan H.,

Stewart, Lauren M.,

Towson, Macie L.,

Violette, Jace C.,

Zeigler, Jillian

Junior Honors

Bacon, Madison R., (Early Graduate),

Berube, Emily R.,

Caverhill, Araya.,

Dee, Liam B.,

Dillon, Aiden J.,

Doody, Kathryn R.,

Drake, Serae L.,

Eaton, Kamealiya M.,

Espling, Hailey M.,

Griffeth, Logan B.,

Hodde, Kevin E.,

Leahy, Jameson M.,

Levesque, Gage.,

Matley, Rebecca D.,

McNeal, Griffen M.,

Moir, Emily L.,

Morrow, Nathan L.,

Oliver, Jakob E.,

Plourde, Megan E.,

Poitras, Carsen J.,

Rand, Christopher A.,

Salch, Tressa J.,

Shea, Jude A.,

St Peter, Sierra K.,

Strid, Carly R.,

Taggett, Jesse M.,

Walton, Jacob S.,

Walton, Justin C.,

Senior Honors

Adams, Christopher I.,

Adams, Taylor L.,

Barker, Lexie J.,

Belanger, Anna G. R.,

Braga, Natalie R.,

Evans, Alissa H.,

Green, Whitley M.,

Guerrette, Kerigan E.,

Hancock, Jacob L.,

Hanley, Grace M.,

Hartley, Damian C.,

Jones, Jaedon E.,

Labreck, Danika L.,

Landes, Matthew B.,

Lapointe, Devin J.,

Margeson, Evan M.,

Margeson, Nicholas E.,

Margeson, Reid W.,

Page, Cassidy M.,

Plante, Ari E.,

Poitras, Colin A.,

Saed, Emily A.,

Sandstrom, Jordon F.,

Spooner, Mikaela L.,

Staples, Nickolas J.,

Voisine, Gavin J.

High Honors Freshmen

Albair, Landan R

Finelli, Ava M

Fraser, Emily R

Green, Makenna C

Griffeth, Joslyn L

Lister, Lauren O

McCrossin, Braxton E

Mustafa, Aaliyah A

Oliver, Joel E

Pelletier, Matthew P

Waldemarson, Landyn R

High Honors Sophomores

Belanger, Cameron P

Hotchkiss, Nathan J

Johnson Roy, Lilly E

Labbe, Javier K

Van Trump, Aislinn P

Willey, Ephraim M


Bray, Lillian N

Cooper, McKenzie C

Derosiers, Kirstiana M

Dumond, Haley E

Marrero, Joseph A

Napalapalai, Prudence L

Ouellette, Claire E

Skidgel, Hailie J

Spooner, Lars W

High Honors Juniors

Belanger, Cameron P

Hotchkiss, Nathan J

Johnson Roy, Lilly E

Labbe, Javier K

Van Trump, Aislinn P

Willey, Ephraim M

High Honors Seniors

Beaulieu, Sierra L

Cote, Naomi R

Potter, Carson B

Prashaw, Tanner K

Theriault, Mia A

Thompson, Jordan R

Highest Honors Freshmen

Anderson, Gwendolyn E

Cote, Madelyn E

Deprey, Madelynn H

Godin, Amelia T

Sleeper, Isabella G

Wilcox, Althea A

Wing, Elizabeth M

Highest Honors Sophomores

Anderson, Nicholas G

Hitchcock, Wesley E

Leavitt, Samantha J

Mignacca, Gregory R

Thivierge, Keira S

Highest Honors Juniors

Bell, Kayley L

Blackstone-Eye, Jadynn

Bouchard, Ashlyn A

Cherrier, James R

Dumont, Colin E

Everitt, Nathan L

Ferland, George J

Hyde, Landyn A

Lovewell, Jonathan M

Parent, Kallee G

Savage, Selena D

Trombley, Nevaeh R

Whitmore, Courtney M

Whitten, Dawson C

Highest Honors Seniors

Cyr, Michael S

McNeal, Abbiegale P

Poulin, Amanda A

Powers, Kathleen M

Sleeper, Chloe S

Soucy, Jessica G

Stewart, Eli J

Sutherland, Gabrielle B

Wilcox, Alden T B

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