We were stunned and saddened to hear about the sudden passing of local businessman, John Dufor over the Thanksgiving weekend holiday. Just a couple of months ago we brought you the news that John had recently made the decision to retire and spend more time with his family. 

John was a vital member of the community and restaurant industry in Aroostook County. One of John's daughters wrote an eloquent obituary that appropriately paid tribute to the "Guy” that so many of us came to know over the years. Here are a few words from his obituary.  

His personality was larger then life. His heart was so kind, so genuine, so selfless. His work ethic, strong, determined, driven, perfection. His smile, infectious, warm, and lovable. He would always help those in need no matter how big or small the task, he would never expect anything in return

Many in the area came to know John through his time as owner/operator of the Subway restaurants all through Aroostook County from Fort Kent and Madawaska, through the central part of the county, down to Houlton. For a period of time John was also in charge of the Subway locations in Washington County, with restaurants in Calais as well as Machias. John reached many people no matter who they were or their background, and he was always authentic and genuine.  

Dufor's Impact on us

When we approached John four years ago about sponsoring our coverage of high school basketball and hockey, he didn't even think twice before handing over the gift cards for Subway Halftime Trivia. Throughout the season when we stopped in for lunch, John was always asking our thoughts and partaking in the conversation, because he listened to the games. He was involved in the community and always knew how the teams were doing.

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A personal reflection

I am thankful to know that a small piece of John's influence and spirit will live on in my home. My wife has shared stories with me from growing up around John and his family and he always made the three of us feel like we were seeing family when we would stop in. John always gushed over our little girl and would provide some good teasing to bring a smile to her face. He saw that our girl is a lot like her mother, so he knew to make sure that I always had the extra southwest sauce cups to take home so that I did not get sassed at home. That became our running joke as he watched our family grow through life.  

We will miss you, John. Our thoughts go out to his wife, children, grandchildren, and extended family.

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